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The well-known English Rhyme

"Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue"

Dates back to the folklore of the 19th century in the UK…This rhyme refers to the 5 things a couple should wear on their wedding day, as these items were thought to provide

Something old
…Something gifted that belonged to an older relative…
Something new…The bridal gown/suit either bought or made from new clothe
Something borrowed...Given on loan from a happily married friend or relative
Something BLUE...Stood for love, purity, and fidelity…

Old: A sentimental piece of jewelry / item of clothing was believed to ward off evil spirits to ensure peace and happiness
New: Material for a new bridal gown/suit was for a strong marriage journey
Borrowed: Given on loan to the couple for a long and happy marriage
Blue: Couples wore something BLUE ensuring their love was true

And lastly...But the most important Great British wedding tradition…

The sixpence in the shoe
This was intended to bring prosperity to the couple…For 100's of years across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, the father would slip a sixpence into the couple’s shoe just before they walked down the aisle…The olde sixpence stood for good luck and showed they were wished prosperity in the marriage.

Your wedding officiant will perform your ceremony in the Olde English with her Great British accent.

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